For His Eyes Only Sessions. Manhattan, KS Photographer. Boudoir Photographer.

For His Eyes Only Sessions. Manhattan, KS Photographer. Boudoir Photographer.

A woman’s beauty is one of deep mystery, but even deeper still is that which is the mystery of her soul.

–emotive.  captivating.  delicate.  authentic.  soulful– 

My heart behind these ‘boudoir sessions,’ also known as ‘For His Eyes Only Sessions’ is simple really.  I desire to make you see how truly beautiful you are.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it other than that.  As women we tend to hide behind fake and try to be someone that we aren’t meant to be.  We do a good job at it too, don’t we, ladies?  

Well, I’m not buying it 😉  We all desire to truly accept ourselves for who we are and where we are at in life.  Finding contentment in the here and now builds strength and confidence for the days ahead and my heart for capturing your beauty is exactly that; to build strength and confidence knowing full well that you are truly ravishing! 

And my heart for the name: ‘For His Eyes Only’ comes from a deep conviction that your body is a temple made for Christ and celebrated by your husband alone.  I know I may lose a few fans and perhaps miss out on a few clients over this, but my roots run deep in this conviction.  Therefore, you can rest assured that I will not release your images to anyone but you and yours!  Your images will not be displayed on any of my social media outlets without permission.

I’m seriously so so excited to start offering these intimate sessions for all you beautiful ladies!

You. Are. Beautiful.

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October 2, 2015

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