Her legacy rich and deeply imbedded.  Her heart sings a song of generations long gone and generations after her.  The soul of her that loves passionately and lives wholeheartedly.  Her forever motherly embrace now shared with her beautiful grandchildren of 12.  They now experiencing the gift that we as children wholeheartedly embraced growing up with our own grandparents. The gift of loving and adoring an animal with power and shared love.  The gift of learning responsibility and patience.  The gift of building character and true commitment.  The gift of creating and inspiring passion and heart.  This gift of horseback riding, what a true treasure of a memory!

 I hope my daughter’s will remember this time with their grandma, as I remember growing up going out to my own grandparents farm to ride and share in this family affair.  My mom, what a dear she is and what a lovely heart for other’s she has!  Thank you, mom for sharing your heart with your grandkids and teaching them so much about commitment, heart, and passion.  We will forever be thankful!  

P.S. Her heart to teach and gift other’s with this treasure of horseback riding is strong and true!  If you or anyone you know would be blessed by a horse riding lesson, contact her at 785-230-0982.

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