Girls and their horses

Family Portraiture in Hays Kansas

When sunlight fading kissing skin soft and warm.  With gentle breeze brushing through silk stroked hair we embraced the time as one.  No agenda to be had and the expectations none, we dreamt and we played.  The heart soars when light and dust and dirt collide, when childhood play stands unencumbered.  These three.  Our three.  Full of life and light, salt and pepper, there with wide-eyed amazement as girl’s and their horses lavished longing and love for that so powerful and mighty.  We saw their souls deep longing, their souls truest self in that golden light and it was just lovely.

girl with wind blown hair
girl playing in dirt
girl with daddy and horses
girl on fence rail
horses smelling girl
girl reaching out to pet horses
baby touching toes
girls on railing
girl on railing
horses in sunset
son and father
girl crying
son and father training horse
girl swinging on railing
son and father
papa kissing baby
horse smelling girl
horses eye
papa and baby
papa and baby
girls and papa and son
girls playing in dirt
girl playing in dirt
girl in dirt
girls holding dirt
girl running
girls feet and hands in dirt
girls digging in dirt together at sunset
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