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Our daughter, our first, our lover of life.  With confidence and boldness you decided you were ready.  It took you months and months to finally decide, but once decided there was no turning back.  I was ready, but I wanted you to make the decision, so I’d ask on occasion, but you’d always say no.  Until one night as we lathered your long brown hair in conditioner, wrapped it in a towel, and began combing through it, I asked again if you’d ever want to cut your hair.  I knew you’d say no.  You see you love hair.  You always have, my love.  As an infant you would play with my hair to help you fall asleep and then as you grew you’d twirl your own hair as you moaned yourself to sleep.  Your fingers always found hair to run through.  It’s a memory I will forever have etched in my heart.  But that night I got an answer I wasn’t ready for, although I’d been asking for months and hoping you’d say yes, once you did my throat got a lump in it.  You turned towards me and simply said, ‘Yes, mommy I want to cut my hair just like Soleil.’

I really thought I was ready.  I was tired of the tangles and the tears, but as we prepared my heart began to hurt at the thought.  Your long beautiful hair signified childhood and innocence.  Unkept most days and thrown up into a top not, you were my baby girl.  The day came for you to sit in the hair salon and my heart was anxious.  I kept asking if you were sure you wanted to cut your hair and your reply was always, yes!  I guess I was trying to assure myself of the fact.  This is really happening.  You were so excited!  You were ready.

I watched as my 5 and a half year old held true to her decision, without hesitation.  There was a gleam in her eye that spoke of confidence and maturity.  Her smile was ear to ear the entire time and her bravery encouraging.  I was so proud of her.

That day, our daughter, our first took one huge step into decision making and grew up right before my eyes.  Not only in physical appearance, but in maturity, she grew.  This may seem small, my girl, but know that that decision was just a stepping stone in your growth and maturity into a young woman.  There are going to be many more decisions you’ll face, big one’s and small one’s, easy one’s and hard one’s, but know that you are smart and each one you face will be well thought out and prayed over.  That’s just who you are.  And I couldn’t be more proud of who you are becoming.

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