Sweet Juliet

Family Portraiture in Topeka Kansas

Sweet Juliet Ann, a gift a precious jewel.  Tender embraces, gentle kisses, and soft coos that make the sleepless nights and transitional period of two becoming three all worth it.  Parenthood is not for the faint of heart, but the growth that transpires in one’s soul, body, and mind is entirely life-giving.  Lean into one another, surrender expectation of perfection, and allow the Lord who sees you and knows you to pour down grace upon grace into your life.  It will seep slowly, yet powerfully and that gift, once grasped will transform and liberate.  You are dearly loved by our Father, all three of you.  Embrace grace.  Live loved.

Love you!


You are my sunshine
you are my sunshine sign
baby books
baby girl books
j sign
holding sweet juliet near crib
daddy kissing baby
mama kissing baby
mama feeding baby
mama sitting with baby
close up of baby in mama's arms
mama and daddy admiring baby girl
close up of baby smiling while sleeping
baby's eyes open
sitting on master bed admiring baby girl
smiles all around
mama's hand on baby girls head
parents smiling at camera while holding baby girl
close up of baby's hair
daddy holding baby near window
daddy holding baby while sitting
mama holding baby in nursery
mama holding baby in nursery
black and white of mama holding baby
close up of mama's hands cradling baby girl
mama smiling at camera while holding baby girl
baby next to elephant stuffy
close up of baby face
baby and elephant stuffy
black and white of baby face details
mama and daddy standing close near crib admiring baby
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