Mollie + Senior

Senior Portraiture in Hays Kansas

We ventured into the woods for Mollie’s Senior Pictures, not knowing we’d soon get poured on by an unexpected rain storm.  Mud everywhere and soaked clothes we went to wait it out and freshen up with high hopes for the coming hours. As the showers calmed and the sun glistened dry we hopped on the gator down toward the creek bottom where cool water rushed quietly and the sun warmed our faces once again.

What a beautiful picture of His perfect grace and mercy He allowed us to experience that night.  Life doesn’t always go as planned or expected, but as long as we take each step in stride, remain in hope and joy, each new season will bring forth beauty and strength.  For her beauty shines in her quiet reserve and she exudes strength in her gentle spirit.  That is the beauty I discovered through my lens on the night of Mollie’s pictures and I feel so incredibly blessed to have documented it <3

Mollie holding hat
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